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Yahya Al Saty is a Syrian architect, founder, and CEO of the Board Directors La puerta - Architekten, he finished his architecture studies in March 2009, and he has been living in Germany for six years. For three years he was part of a famous architectural firm in Damascus Syria under the supervision of engineer Muhammad Walid Al Sirwan, founder of the Center for Arab Studies and Research in Damascus, is also Designer and executor of many important projects in Damascus and in the Arab countries, and he is designer the Syrian embassy in Bonn in Germany and he considered his real Master of architecture and construction. His many years of experience in engineering qualified him to open a new engineering office in Germany Serving as a gateway to his future projects. Hence the idea of "La puerta" was born. His more than ten years of experience as a Designer and in Project management between Syria and Turkey allowed him to work as a project manager in addition to his academic work at the university as a lecturer in the subjects of design, shadow, and perspective. In Germany, he had the opportunity to work with a respected team in one of the most important engineering offices, Schnittger Architekten + Partner GmbH, whose founding began a hundred and twenty years ago, as a construction manager and to take part in the preparation and study of the thesis in one of the most important buildings in the north German city of Kiel, ZOB.

In 2020, the architect Yahya completed the business academy exams in the state of Schleswig-Holstein IHK and obtained a degree in business administration through which he was able to open his new office under the name of La puerta - Architekten.


Approving the name of our company was not an arbitrary matter, but rather a carefully considered choice, as it combines two names from two different cultures. The word La puerta in Spanish means gate. The word Architekten, which is the closest to English, means architects. It is, therefore, the gateway to every upcoming project, and it is necessarily also the gateway for every distinguished architect who sees in himself that sincere creative, and faithful commitment to be a true partner for us wherever he is around the world, and he sees in this profession his life as we see it, where without this love and this passion does not create, nor will there be sincerity or honesty in work, and therefore it will not be a success. Architect Al Saty says that he is also close to the Spanish language because his family’s roots go back to the country of Libya in North Africa, which was inhabited by thousands of Andalusians, the owners of the architecture of the Alhambra, the Albaicín neighborhood, and other immortal architectural monuments in the cities of Granada, Cordoba, and Seville in Spain, so they enriched those cities in which they lived with the details of the beautiful Andalusian architecture that they transferred With them as their heritage to Africa like Morocco and others North Africa countries. He also belongs professionally in one way or another to the architecture of modernity and beyond and Bauhaus architecture, which was famous in Europe and he loves its details and colors, studied in the schools of its pioneers and he like their work and the work of those who of contemporary architects like Richard Meier Peter Zumthor they were a reference for him on the one day that in this wonderful profession.


We are an engineering office that consisting of Architects and civil engineers and several technicians and draftsmen in the construction industry. Our work is by the local building regulations (Vob) in Germany and we take into account the requirements of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). We want to achieve sustainable development in the local and global market.


Our work is aimed at all people who build something or want to repair it. Customers need someone to help and to give confidence to them in the design of their projects and companies. In La puerta we also offer collaborations with other craftsmen and independent architects. Our vision is to attract real investors and regular customers for our different business styles.


Achieving a uniquely clear vision as a visual identity on the mind of all societies for our company says there are no compromises that spoil the final image of our projects, thus creating a general impression of lasting customer satisfaction on our business one of the most important goals of our office. We are also looking to arrive at Access to a new legal order for us as quickly as possible as companies GmbH in Germany.


We are in La puerta - Architekten racing against time to be in the next five years a world-famous company that has high credibility by business partners from local and international companies in addition to the confidence of our customers where always strive to achieve their dreams of making happiness and satisfaction for them in the buildings in which we work. We are very pleased to contact us 5 days of the week from Monday - Friday from 9 a.m - 5 p.m by email, phone number, or our office sites on social media. 

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We are in constant contact with independent companies and individuals around the world to build a long-term partnership in the construction industry market, If you are a customer or a producer, we are always happy to your contact us.
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